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Research Methods in Informal and Mobile Learning:
How to get the data we really want

14 December 2007
WLE Centre, Institute of Education
London, UK

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Workshop programme


Track 1 - Methods & Tools

Track 2 - Theoretical Frameworks

Track 3 - Practice

09:30-10:00 Welcome and introduction

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10:00-10:30 Keynote: Prof. Mike Sharples                      
Evaluation methods for mobile learning

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10:30-11:00 Coffee - discussions

Re-viewing the museum visitor’s view  

Daniel Wessel, Eva Mayr, Kristin Knipfer

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In the Workplace: Learning as Articulation Work, and  Doing Articulation Work to Understand Learning 

Phillip Kent

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Researching the world out there: how do we know about the users that do not tell us anything?

Patrick McAndrew, Steve Godwin, Andreia Santos

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Analysis of an informal mobile learning activity based on activity theory

Ioanna Papadimitriou, Nikolaos Tselios, Vassilis Komis

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Mobile Learning Evaluation - The Challenge of Mobile Societies 

John Traxler

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Using Personal Meaning Mapping to gather data on school visits to science centres

Anthony Lelliott

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Reconstructing an Informal Mobile Learning Experience with Multiple Data Streams

Hilary Smith, Kher Hui Ng, Kevin Walker, Josh Underwood, Sarah Heldt, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Rose Luckin, Judith Good, Peta Wyeth, Steve Benford

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Whither case-based approaches to understanding off-site and on-campus mobile learning?

John Cook, Norbert Pachler, Claire Bradley


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Have You Got Your PDA With You?...Denials and Accusations

Jon Trinder, Scott Roy, Jane Magill


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Are they doing what they think they’re doing? Tracking and triangulating students’ learning activities and self reports 

Esra Wali

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Learner Centred Design: Applying MobileHCI and Mobile Design Research Methods in Mobile and Informal Learning Contexts 

Mark A.M. Kramer

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Mobile Enabled Disabled Students: Widening Access to Research Participation

Chris Dearnley, Stuart Walker, Carol Higgison, John Fairhall, Jack Radice, Beemish Shaukat

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Designing Mobile Games that Explore Novel Learning Practices with Co-Design 

Daniel Spikol

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Researching Informal and Mobile Learning: Leveraging the Right Resources
Mark van ‘t Hooft

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Mobile phone technology use in school science enquiry indoors and out-of-doors; implications for pedagogy

Susan Johnson

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12:15-13:00 Working group: identify issues in existing methods and tools Working group: identify issues in existing theoretical frameworks Working group: identify issues in planning/managing practice
13:00-14:10 Lunch
14:10-14:40 Keynote: Prof. David Livingstone
Basic Research on Lifelong Learning: Recent Survey Findings and Reflections on ‘Capturing’ Informal Learning

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14:40-15:00 Coffee - discussions
15:00-15:15 Presentations of outcomes of morning working groups

View issues presentation on Tools     
View issues presentation on Theory  

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15:15-16:00 Working group: requirements for methods/ tools Working groups: requirements for theoretical frameworks Working groups: requirements for practice planning/management
16:15-16:45 Keynote: Prof. Mizuko Ito
Chronicling Portable Practices in Urban Environments

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16:45-17:00 Presentations of outcomes of afternoon working groups

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17:00-17:30 Discussion: Putting it all together: the future of researching mobile learning.

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17:30 Close